Rasamruta-Preparing Manuscript
Preparing Manuscript
Authors are hereby advised to prepare the manuscript as per the following guidelines:

Cover Letter
Include a cover letter from the corresponding Author mentioning the brief about the manuscript and the study if applicable.

Declaration of Funding source and conflict of interest

It is mandatory for the Authors of all the categories of publication to declare conflict of interest and Funding source of the study (if any) .This should be included at the end of the article.

Articles received without this information will not be considered for publication.

Manuscript Style
Font - All English text should be written only in Times New Roman .Devnagri script if any should ideally be written in Mangal or Aparajita font.If authors are using any other font they should also send the font along with the manuscript.
Font Size - Font size should be 12-point, double-space text and leave right margins unjustified.

Manuscript Components
Authors should include
- Title page
- Abstract
- Text
- References
- Appropriate tables and figures

Manuscript File Formats
Manuscripts are only acceptable in Word Format. Figures or Photographs can be submitted in Jpg format.

Title Page
The title page should include
- word count for text only (e.g., not including abstract, acknowledgment or references)
- Full names, highest academic degrees and affiliations of all authors.
If an author’s affiliation has changed since the work was done, the new affiliation also should be informed.

Titles should be concise and informative limited to 150 characters.

Include a short abstract prepared as per the guidelines for each type of article mentioned above in the sections entitled “categories of Article”.

Ideally keep the Abstract short and include the current knowledge on the subject and need for the study.

Mention in details about the methods followed in the study.

For Clinical studies as well as for Animal experiments Authors should mention about the Ethics Committee Approval. An Article without this information will not be accepted.

Mention in detail about the statistical methods used

Results pertaining to the outcomes of the study should be reported and quantified.
Include baseline characteristics of the study participants.
Authors should report losses to observation (such as dropouts from a clinical trial).

Conclusions and Relevance : Provide only conclusions of the study that are directly supported by the results. Exaggerated study conclusions and those conclusions which are not supported by the study results should not be reported.

Trial Registration - For clinical trials Authors can provide the Clinical Trial Registry number and URL of the registry

References - Authors should ensure that the reference style is as per the recommendations of ICMJE .Authors can refer these recommendations at

For further detailed guidelines authors are advised to refer the ICMJE guidelines available at

It is mandatory to use standardized terminologies as per the guidelines of CCRAS and the same are given in the attachment.

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