Cancer Treatment by Advanced Naturopathy and Ozone Therapy with Some Case Studies Observational Studies
Dr Purshottam A Deshpande*
May 2018

A variety of cases were successfully treated with Naturopathy.It’s very painful and shocking to notice “The Nightmare of Radiation and Chemotherapy” patients go through, under the name of “Cancer Treatment” and while at the same time innumerable patients suffer merciless death! This seems to be an extremely regrettable and a sorry situation despite having natural remedies at our disposal. Thus, later on Nisarga-Sampada decided to concentrate on Cancer with special focus on Palliative Care. Naturopathic treatment is based on many years extensive experience in dealing with large number of patients.


These days it’s no more a breaking news if dogs and cattle are diagnosed with Cancer! Cancer is still believed to be a terminal / life threatening disease which is generally known to be a Modern Day Life-Style Disorder of Mankind! Then one may start wondering, “Why do these pet animals suffer from such a deadly disease that is supposed to be limited to Human-Civilization”!?

Well, the answer can be traced back to the raw and natural food wild animals eat in their jungles (natural habitat) as compared to the domestic animals that have no option other than eating mostly cooked, processed and polluted food, which human beings eat.

Causes of Cancer: 

Unnatural and uncontrolled growth of normal / healthy cell is referred to be the reason behind any tumor and / or cancer. However, most of the pathies till date cannot confirm the exact cause of this disease. 

It is well known that the cancer fighting mechanism is present in every living organism including human-beings. This mechanism exists in the form of an army of White Blood Corpuscles (WBC’s) in front-line followed by a strong immune system in the back-up as a second line of attack /defense. 

Summarized below are some of the very basic reasons behind break-down / failure of this fighting mechanism. 

  • Addiction to smoking, alcohol and few other drugs are known causes of Cancer in addition to polluted air, contaminated water and adulterated food. 
  • Poisonous chemicals, fertilizers / pesticides used by farmers. GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and processed foods. 
  • Psychosomatic disorders as a result of modern day stress and anxiety. 
  • Sedentary life-style & total absence of exercises 
  • Extremely demanding and hectic life that is governed by one or the other type of a machine around us. 
  • Poor quality of sleep and insufficient rejuvenation, dehydration, starvation and / or over eating in addition to untimely meals. 

All these above and many other reasons adversely impact the digestive system and weakens metabolism. The gut flora turns to leaky gut which then passes toxic substances in the blood stream. Such toxic components and free radicals disrupt the normal pattern of metabolism and alter the structure of the cell causing huge complications resulting into cancerous cells. The fatty liver too stops producing various other bio-chemicals required by the body and so this degeneration of tissues and organs is spread across various critical body systems and functions. 

Carcinogenic Triggers: 

1. Low oxygen supply triggers anaerobic environment

2. Saturation of toxins disturbs acid-alkali balance

3. Imbalanced nutrition

4. Overall Weak Immune System 


Unfortunately, an individual do not have many options but to continue to breath this polluted air. However to improve the quality and quantity of oxygen circulation into our bloodstream Nisargasampada have developed variety of methods and treatments like Pranayam, Ozone- topical and rectal applications and ozone insufflations around ears. 

Acid-Alkali Imbalance that causes leaky gut can be rectified with diet, medicinal bath and topical penetration of anti-oxidants like juice extracted from wheat-grass, green leafy vegetables, soups rich in minerals and other essential nutrients. 

Starvation and / or dehydration can be corrected by alkaline (Cider Vinegar) water, fruits and vegetable juices and a balanced diet. A strong nausea for any type of food in cancer patients can be addressed via rectal feeding of high calorie proteins and nutrients. 

Electro-Magnetic parameters are considered while massage with nutritional oil and juices, medicinal bath with ozone and rectal feeding are recommended to improve overall immune system. 

Naturopathy Systems and Therapies 

[A] Pranaayam: 

A bottle filled with 1 litre of water and a tube with a diameter of 3 mm is used in this type of Pranayam system. Patient is then asked to start deep breathing for couple of minutes before he starts to exhale (blow out) into this tube, after one last deep inhale and continues to exhale out into this wind pipe which has another end inserted into bottle filled with water. The idea is to continue to breath-out (exhale) for maximum duration of time as far as possible and start noticing the changes in colour of this water as a result of toxins accumulation. This Pranayam exercise is repeated for couple of times in order to achieve the expected results.

Further this system of Pranayam has to be repeated for 30 times in a day. The colour of the water changes by using the same water during 8 - 10 days.

[B] Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) involves exposing the body to 100% oxygen at a pressure that is greater than what you normally experience. Wounds need oxygen to heal properly and exposing a wound to 100% oxygen can, in some cases, speed the healing process. 

Cancer cell does not survive in aerobic condition and normal cell does not survive in anaerobic condition. Hence in naturopathy treatment, increasing oxygen level is given a very high importance.  

[C] Colon Cleansing or Colon Irrigation (Hydrotherapy):  

Colonic irrigation also known as colon Cleansing, Colonic Hydrotherapy or a “Colonic”, is a treatment used to wash out the contents of large bowl by means of copious enemas using water or other medication. Advised for initial 10 days to remove toxins from the body and improve functions of excretory system by effective combination of medicinal oil, herbal juice and turmeric. 

[D] Massage Therapy:  

Massage with herbal juices and medicinal oil is used to improve circulatory and nervous system functions.  

[E] Ozone Therapy: 

Ozone therapy consists of introduction of ozone into the body via various methods, usually involving its mixture with various gases and liquids before injection, with potential routes including the vaginarectumintramuscularsubcutaneously, or intravenously. Ozone can also be introduced via autohemotherapy, in which blood is drawn from the patient, exposed to ozone and re-injected into the patient.

Auto hemotherapy of ozone plus oxygen is not practiced by the author and it is just for information. However rectal and ear ozone insupplation as well as subcutaneous administration of ozone plus oxygen is scrupulously used in the cancer treatment.  

[F] Procedure of Ozone Blanching Therapy at Nisargasampada

Firstly, the patient is given oil massage, juice massage and application of herbal paste (one or many as required). Surgical cotton packs soaked with herbal juices are applied on the body and the ozone outlets are kept over the same and covered with another layer of cotton packs soaked with herbal juices. Then all of these are wrapped under cover of plastic and cotton.  These treatments are given for one hour every day and there after packs are removed. Sufficient outlets are kept inside the cover and oxygen is given by pressure for 30 minutes.    

[G] Medicinal Bath at Nisargasampada 

In addition to above herbal juices, ingenious cow urine and turmeric is used along with ozone outlet. The entire body is immersed under the water while eyes and nose are covered. A plastic pipe for respiration is kept in the mouth and the other end above water.

 It is strongly felt that naturopathy is a boon for patients of all types of major illnesses in preventive stage. Also it’s a blessing for specific life threatening diseases especially Cancer, HIV/AIDS, TB in its Palliative (Last) Stage. 

Types of Cancer patients are treated successfully at Nisargasampada: 

Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Liver Cancer, Pancreas, Gallbladder Cancer, Brain Cancer, Blood Cancer and Reproductive Organ’s Cancer. 

It has been seen above the causes of cancer and solutions. This protocol does not suggest any medicines but few supplements as required in different cases. The Allopath aims at symptomatic treatment based on various tests and scans, pathology supported by biopsy. There is no doubt that the treatment is highly professional and clinically proven. But medication or surgery or radiation has limitations due to its side effects. The treatment becomes ineffective in course of time because of resistance to the medicines as well as side effects which has no answer except changing the medicines.

Ayurveda has certainly an answer to cover all such problems through panchkarma, medication etc. However still there are some lacunae which are covered in advanced naturopathy treatment developed by Nisargasampada.

Homeopathy has also a wonderful answer for the treatment of cancer but is only limited to medication.

As we all know in the treatment of cancer or by virtue of growth of cancer regional temperature increases. That is due to action and reaction of medication to the body and fight between cancer cells and cancer surveillance system regional temperature increases and if not controlled or neutralized the medication becomes ineffective. Considering this mechanism and subsequent resistance Nisargasampada have developed a mechanism to balance it. Also excessive side effects have to be controlled and managed effectively and quickly otherwise the medication develops a resistance in the cancer cells.

Mechanism of Nisargasampada treatment.

Accelerated oxygen supply in the concentrated form O2 or O2 + O3 i.e. ozone is penetrated or impregnated in the body through concentrated juices, oil and herbal paste applied on the body. The ozone outlets are sandwiched in between surgical cotton packs soaked in herbal juices covered tightly with polythene sheet and cotton cloth. This treatment is given for one hour or more. Icepacks are also applied above cotton cloth to neutralize increased temperature.

The ozone plus oxygen carries the contents of all compounds applied on the body and penetrates through the skin which is absorbed in the relative area to arrest the growth of cancer cells. Cancer cells multiply in anaerobic conditions and higher temperatures. Oxygen plus ozone, high potency antioxidants and chlorophyll plays a wonderful role in controlling growth of cancer. The tumor starts disintegrating and reflects in the subsequent tests.

The antioxidants, O2 + O3, nutrients improve immunity with strengthening cancer surveillance system. Then what is the difference between mechanism of this therapy and medication of other pathies ? The medication of other pathies works through metabolic systems however there is urgency to treat the affected part to arrest immediately growth of the disease. Besides if the medication becomes resistant it is not known immediately. By the time the indication of medicinal resistance is known a valuable lead time is lost and the condition becomes critical. The treatment works through non signaling system . The cancerous part is flooded with anti- cancerous inputs and oxygen which immediately reduces the regional temperature. The anti- cancerous inputs and oxygen arrest the growth of cancer with disintegration of the tumor or restructuring of malignant ulcerated portion. The receptors of the cancer cells do not understand whether the inputs are useful or harmful to its life due to non-signaling system. All the inputs are biological and are either accepted or rejected. Nothing is accumulated inside the body.

With the arrest of cancer growth and management, the total load on immune system is reduced and cancer surveillance system becomes more powerful. The medicinal bath is a masterstroke and has been found to be highly effective in metastases as well as blood cancer. Another problem of cancer patients is loss of appetite and weak digestive system. Unless the inputs are digested it doesn’t work and ultimately it affects the recovery. Hence colon irrigation, colon oxygen circulation, ozone insufflations and rectal feeding has proved to be highly useful. In short cleansing of the drainage system , detoxification, various methods to accelerate oxygen supply, alkalization , boosting of immune system with quick management of disease really works wonderfully even in terminal cases of cancer. The disintegrated tumor, gray white substances, dead fibers are observed in the stool samples. This observation is from treatment of high grade Glioblastoma and colo-rectal cancer .

The results of the applications of advanced naturopathy and ozone therapy are as given below:

Multiple Myeloma:

A 53 year old male, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in October 2013. He experienced severe back pain and nose bleeding. So he underwent a spine MRI which detected severe bone damage and collapsed vertebra. A subsequent bone marrow biopsy showed increased serum protein. As induction treatment he underwent 16 weeks of chemo followed by Autologous Stem cell transplant in February 2014.

On follow up checkup he remained in complete remission for 13 months. In subsequent quarterly checkup a faint protein band with distorted light chains was reported.

After intense study of disease and understanding the limitations of conventional chemo treatment he came to know about complementary and alternative treatments for better management of disease.

Naturopathy treatment started in July 2015 which included daily herbal message with Ozone therapy, Ozone tub bath with herbs, herbal supplements, acid-alkaline balance, diet of more fruits and vegetable juices. The effect of treatment is given below:


Before treatment:

Lower vertebra was protruding out, posture was not straight, back pain persisted in lower back, ribs and neck. Low energy persisted with pale skin and inability to sleep on back for long. Also he had difficulty in lifting laptop.

After 2 weeks of treatment:

Two lower vertebras were aligned and he could walk straight. Bone density in chest ribs started improving. Thigh muscles started developing. Energy level started increasing.

After 4 weeks of treatment:

The biomarker in blood test came normal except for a faint protein band. Energy level improved significantly after the treatment.

It is observed and substantiated that 6 months after starting the treatment the patient was found to be with M band absent means became normal , free of Multiple Myeloma. The alignment of vertebra restored to normal with bone density. Normal freshness and good health made him easy to join his assignment as it was before 2012. The patient was asked to continue the treatment for at least one more year and carry on his duties with certain restrictions.

Cancer of Larynx

The patient was advised to undergo surgery after chemotherapy and radiation. But due to the risk involved of damaging the vocal cord the patient did not opt for surgery but only tracheotomy was done. The patient was under Nisargasampada treatment of advanced naturopathy and ozone therapy from April 2015 to April 2016. The relative CT scan dated 16/03/2016 shows no evidence of any metabolic lesion noted in larynx to suggest recurrence. Relative document of Histopathology dated 16/03/2015 and CT scan reports dated 16/03/2016 were normal. The patient as on today also is in a very good condition and free of disease. The patient is now on a purely maintenance dose and enjoying his normal life.


Cancer treatment by advanced naturopathy and ozone therapy developed by Nisargasampada has a vast scope in treating in all stages including terminal cases.

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