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We are launching our new website specially dedicated only to Rasamruta journal. This could happen only because of your continuous support and love for the field of Ayurveda. We are immensely happy to see the involvement of Ayurveda fraternity in research for last few years. Research is a continuous process and it will go on for generations.However the fraternity working in this field must remember this vital fact is that it is Re Search for the hidden beauty of nature. We do not know how Rishis have discovered various medicines for the treatment of number of diseases .But surely they must have worked and researched extensively to know the effects of Herbs and Minerals. In spite of this fact today, Ayurveda lacks global acceptance.The main reason behind this is probably lack of Research based on conventional paramaters using todays methodology.So sometimes Ayurveda is considered as Miracle Science.In view of this we must accept the fact is that Ayurveda is an Eternal Science. But the fraternity will have to prove on the basis of current scientific parameters. We are sure such efforts will be accepted by global scientific community.Besides this such scientific research will help understand Ayurveda more precisely thereby leading to further research and development. The purpose of this journal is in the line of this thought and we would like to provide a platform for reporting and promoting the scientific facts about Ayurveda and its effects on Mankinds sufferings.
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